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Card Issuing

A comprehensive all in one product that covers everything a card issuer would need now and later.

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Make card issuing a breeze.

Want to up your card issuing services? Worldline Card Issuing is a modular card management product, coming with a large bunch of additional services to fulfil any type of card issuing needs. Choose from our tailored offers and take advantage of plug-in value-added services tailored to the specific needs of your clients.

The power is in your hands.

Three highly customisable offers. Each serving different business purposes. Whether you want to up your offering for your B2B customers, outshine your competitors or externalise some of your card issuing processes, we’ll help you to go further. All these offers allow you to integrate additional third party services to renew and delight your customer experience.

Worldline Essential Card Issuing.

Leave the expertise to us. Our standard card issuing service for Neobanks and Fintechs, Worldline Essential Card Issuing  has everything you need to launch your own card issuing programme - but without the burden of managing the process. Enjoy transparent and attractive pricing. Serve your end customers with ease. With a short time to market and modular options, you can choose the features you want to suit your needs.

Worldline Commercial Card Issuing.

Offering an excellent experience for business and corporate customers, Worldline Commercial Card Issuing  includes all of the features from Essential Card Issuing, adding specifics features for SME & corporates: managing budget & team expenditure, streamlining expense management, automating invoice payments, creating financial reports from your accounting tools.

Worldline @Scale Card Issuing.

Fully outsource your card issuing legacy system into our modern Worldline @Scale Card Issuing Solution. Ideal for large card issuers, this innovative highly configurable solution uses state-of-the-art technology to allow you to optimise your TCO, and lets you focus on creating value to your customers by reinventing digital journeys. The success of your cards' migration to our premise is guaranteed by our proven and industrial know-how.

Three offers to boost your issuing business.

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